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Twenty four years ago, I launched my own brand 'DILMAH', named after my two sons Dilhan and Malik. The name demonstrates my commitment to quality and integrity of my tea. Dilmah was the first tea and the only global brand today, owned in a tea growing nation by real producers. Dilmah is globally renowned for its unique 'freshness & quality'.

In launching Dilmah I made certain that no other international brand could replicate it. Dilmah is Single Origin 100% Pure Ceylon tea, the world’s finest quality and the most expensive. Importantly, Dilmah is fully packaged in Sri Lanka, and supplied direct to consumers around the world. All the benefits of packaging (value addition) which accrues to multinational traders, now, remain in our country, making Dilmah, the first and only ethically produced tea, the fairest trade of all! Our earnings are shared with workers, the differently able and with the wider community.

Please visit www.mjffoundation.org and www.dilmahconservation.org to learn about how we are changing the lives of thousands while bringing you the finest tea on earth.


Merrill J. Fernando

Founder of Dilmah

For more information please visit www.dilmahtea.com